It's such a big day for everyone tomorrow.


A tutor called her pupil:

- Hi Joe, it’s me. I will be busy tomorrow, let’s take a day off. Okay?

The pupil was so happy, he run to his grandfather:

- I don’t have any lesson tomorrow. And it’s Sunday! Can we go to the park, grandpa? We haven’t hung out for so long…

 The grandfather called his secretary to inform the sad news:

- Cancel the meeting tomorrow morning. And the meeting tomorrow evening, too. I will be busy.

The secretary called home to her husband:

- Darling, my company canceled our business trip. Can we go out for a lovely romantic date tomorrow? I know you’re free too.

The husband called his mistress through the phone:

- Babe, my wife will be home tomorrow. Don’t come.

So the tutor called her pupil to study again...

By: Kimmy Brown

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