The rest of your life

A man wanted to buy a watch...


A middle-aged man entered a watch shop to select a wristwatch. After an hour without finding anything he liked, the store owner introduced:

- Sir, just look at this watch: luxurious, sophisticated. It suits your right style perfectly.

The customer questioned in doubt:

- Really? But how long will this thing work?

- Really, sir. And don’t worry. You can use it for the rest of your life.

The customer agreed to buy the watch. Six months later, the watch stopped working. The man angrily returned to the shop to complain:

- I bought this watch here only half a year old, and now I can only throw it away. But you dared to say that I could use it for the rest of my life, didn’t you?

- Sir, it’s because you looked so sick back then...

By: Lily Haney

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