The price of the flowers

There was only one rule in heaven: Do not step on flowers.


Three men died in an accident and went to heaven together. After the men arrived, St. Peter said:

- There is only one rule here: Do not step on flowers!

In heaven there were many flowers, it is difficult to avoid them. After only a few steps, one of them had ruined a flower. Immediately, St. Peter appeared with a very ugly woman, chained them together and said:

- The punishment for you is to live a lifetime with this woman.

The next day, the second man stepped on a flower and he too got another extremely ugly woman.

The third person was very careful with every step. He avoided bad luck for a long time. One day, St. Peter brought him to a perfect blonde girl, chained them together and left without saying a word. The man wondered with the girl:

- I don’t get it. What did I to be deserve such a lovely woman like you?

- I do not know what you did, but I stepped on a flower.

By: James Paquin

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