The enthusiastic conductor

A conductor helped there men get on the train.


At the station, three men were hurriedly rushing to a moving train. Seeing such scene, a train conductor nearby immediately ran over to help. He tried to throw the luggage and push the customers to the train. Despite his best effort, he could only help two men. The last one still wandered heavily towards the disappeared train.

The conductor immediately comforted:

- Sorry. I tried my best, and I hope you understand. But you can wait for the next train. It’s only 2 hours later

The man sighed:

- It’s okay. You do not have to apologize to me. The ones you need to apologize are these two other guys.

The conductor hesitated for a while:

- What do you mean, sir? I can’t get it.

- I was the only one who wanted to get on the train. My friends just came here to say goodbye.






By: Lily Haney

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