The curse

Once upon a time, there were a princess who was cursed...


Once upon a time, in a kingdom, the king and queen finally had princess after so many years of trying. Unfortunately, on the princess's baby shower, the king forgot to invite one of the seven fairies to bless the princess, and the princess was cursed. During the day, she would be very pretty. But when the sun disappeared, she would look very bad, very ugly that no man would ever want to get close to the poor princess. The curse would only be solved when a person who loved her sincerely gave her a kiss.

After a few years, the princess grew up. There was a handsome prince of the neighboring country loved the princess sincerely. One day, he decided to come to kiss the princess.

The curse of the fairy was successfully solved.

And then the princess looked ugly all day long.

By: Vivian Cooper

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