Thank God

If you want him to run, say: "Thank God"


A priest sold his horse to a cowboy. After getting enough money, the priest said:

- Please remember, this horse is not like any other horse. If you want him to run, say: "Thank God". But if you want hime to stop, say: "Hallelujah ".

- Okay, I've gotten used to horses all my life.

Climbing on the new horse, the cowboy said softly:

- Thank God!

Not waiting for his new owner to finish speaking, the horse started running. When the cowboy said “Thank God” again, he ran like crazy. Suddenly, seeing a deep chasm right in front, the cowboy screamed in panic:

- Hallelujahhhh!

The horse ran up close to the edge and stopped. Trembled, the cowboy made a sign and said in relief:

- Thank God!

By: James Paquin

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