Taken away

At the post office, there was a letter sent to The God...


At the post office, there was a letter sent to “The God, Heaven”. Of course nobody was able to send it, so they decided to open the letter.

"Dear God, I'm an 80 year old poor woman. For the rest of my life, I did not ask you for anything, but now I'm in need of $ 100. Please have mercy on this poor lonely woman.”

All the staff of the post office really felt sorry to the old woman. Each of them decided to donate a little money to help her out. Together, they gathered a total of $ 90. The next day, the old woman sent another letter, also to God. This time the director called all the staff to hear the words of thanks:

"Dear God, I would like to thank you with a deep heart, but I received only $ 90, and $ 10 was taken away by the post office."

By: Anna Bennett

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