There were 3 best swordsmen on the stage who were trying to cut a fly.


At the world swordsmanship, there were 3 best swordsmen on the stage. The staff of the organizers released a fly, the first swordsman immediately swung the sword, cutting the fly in halves. The crowd clapped their hands excitedly.

Then, the next swordsman continued to show off his amazing skill. He cut the fly in pieces. This time, the crowd was silent, stunned.

The third fly was released. The last swordsman swung his sword into the air. Then… nothing. The fly remained unharmed. The hall was surprised, disappointed, but he still smiled with satisfaction. Someone shouted:

- You failed!

- Ladies and gentlemen, please look carefully! The fly is still alive, but.... he will never be able to fly and be a father anymore!

By: Lily Haney

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