Smart guy

A man walked into a supermarket, hoping to buy something weird...


A man walked into a supermarket, hoping to buy half a head of lettuce. The salesman answered he had to consult his manager. He walked into the back room and said to his boss:

- There is an idiot out there, he wants just half a head of lettuce.

As soon as he turned around, the guy saw that “idiot” standing right behind him, so he continued:

- ... And this gentleman here wants to buy the other half.

The manager agreed to sell his product. Then, he called the salesman and said:

- Such a smart guy! You made a good impression, where do you come from?

- From Canada, sir.

- Why did you leave Canada?

- There are only hockey players and stupid people there.

- Really? My wife is also a Canadian.

- Are you kidding? So what hockey team did she play for?

By: Archie Henderson

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