Space Shuttle Discovery had to sacrifice one person to overcome the problem


Space Shuttle Discovery was on its way back to Earth from the Alpha International Space Station. Suddenly there was a broken piece on the shell of the ship, and they needed to sacrifice one person to overcome the problem. The leader met everyone and declared:

- One of us have to sacrifice for the whole ship, and I cannot specify who it will be. So I will conduct a test of knowledge, who cannot answer, he will have the honor to die for the cause of human space conquest.

He began to ask the first person:

- What was the weapon that Americans used to attack a Japanese city on August 6, 1945?

- Well...uh... an atomic bomb.

- Great! – The leader said and turned to the second one – What is the name of the city?

This lucky guy exclaimed and breathed a sigh of relief:

- Hiroshima.

The group leader paused in front of the last pilot and asked:

- It's your turn now. Name, age and occupation of the victims?

By: Frank Richardson

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