Red ears

A blonde went to the hospital with 2 red ears...


A blonde girl went to the doctor with two hurted ears, groaning in pain. The doctor looked at her patiently with two disgusting red ears, asking kindly:

- What happened to your ears?

The blond said in tears:

- God, you won’t believe it, doctor! It is impossible to describe.

- Just start whenever you're ready. It's okay. I have time. - The doctor answered patiently.

- Today... today I was ironing clothes up when the phone rang.... But... but instead of picking up the phone, I lifted the... iron up and attached it to my ear....

The doctor asked curiously, raising her eyebrow:

- What about the other ear? What happened?

The girl grumbled angrily:

- That fool called again!

By: Lily Haney

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