Reason for avoiding doing housework

The wife is happy even if her husband does not do housework.


Going home from work, Cathy sees messy house while her husband is lying on the couch watching television, she grumbles: 
- The house is so cluttered that you do not clean up. Do you see the table full of crumbs and floor full of dusty? Why do you still lie there? 
Cathy’s husband responds sheepishly: 
- I see nothing! I do not see anything. 
Exasperation is emerging, Cathy says in a cantankerous voice: 
- What did you say? 
Seeing that, the husband sits up and looks at his wife with a loving smile: 
- In my eyes, there is only you, honey. And the other I do not know, I can not see anything! 

By: Jonath Martin

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