Parrot training

A girl decided to buy a parrot...


A girl walked into the Pet Shop and decided to buy a parrot. A few days later, the girl returned to complain:

- Why can’t my parrot talk? Just sold me something that would help him out!

The salesman answered:

- The parrot must be happy. How about this brand new cage? The parrot will like it and start talking for sure!

A few days later, the girl returned, scowling:

- My parrot still cannot say anything. What should I buy now?

The salesman was confused:

- Uhm, that is weird. Let’s try these cute little bells. Hanging them on your wall might make the parrot speak.

A few days later, the girl sobbed:

- Oh God! My parrot did talk a little, but then he’s dead!

The salesman surprised:

- What? Why? What did he say before death?

- He whispered: "Does that damn shop not sell any food for parrots?"

By: Anna Bennett

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