Oral exam

Two Russian boys had to take a historic oral exam.


Two Russian boys had to take a historic oral exam. After the first boy went out of the room with the best result, the second boy asked:

- What did he ask you?

- The first question was presenting the Russian revolution, I answered: “The Russian revolution first occurred in 1905 but because the reactionary forces were too strong, it wasn’t until 1917 that the revolution was truly successful".

- And then what?

- Second question: "Who led the revolution?". I replied: "Mainly Lenin, in addition to Stalin, Plekhanov..."

- What about the third question?

-"What do you think about the 1905 revolutionary conditions?". I replied: "Many researchers think that all the conditions were right, but I think it was not enough…"

The second boy entered the examination room confidently. His teacher asked:

- When were you born?

- The first time was in 1905, but the reactionary forces too strong to succeed, so it wasn’t until 1917 that the it was truly successful.

The teacher asked surprisingly:

- Who are your parents?

- Mainly Lenin, besides Stalin, Plekhanov...

- Stupid - Shouted the teacher.

- Yes, many researchers think so but I think it's not enough!

By: Peter Baker

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