Is he an electrician, an engineer or a sailor?


A cruiser docked at a harbor for all sailors to shore up for a while. Unfortunately, a monkey in the nearby zoo had just escaped. It climbed on the cruiser, followed the chimney to get into the engine room.

There, the monkey encountered an open panel for maintenance. Unable to read the danger sign, it mischievously caused short circuits, making the whole electrical system explode. The cruiser sank into the dark.

A few moments later, two engineers went down to the engine room to repair and found the monkey's burnt body. They looked along the long, black arms of the monkey and glanced at each other. Without saying a word, they continued to look at its short legs with the huge feet of the animal and looked at each other again, full of wonder.

Finally, one engineer said:

- This guy is too hairy, certainly he is not an electrician. His legs are too short to be an engineer. He is also not a sailor because there are no tattoos on this body... Could you try to call the command room to see if the captain is missing?

By: Frank Richardson

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