What happen when someone accidentally called his in laws "monkeys"?



- Hello lawyer, I am being sued and I know I have a very serious fault. It was last week during my wife's birthday party, in front of everyone I had accidentally said to my wife that here parents were ugly like two old monkeys. And my words were filmed, there is a clear evidence. Now I am sued for insult and defamation. How could I even possible to get away with it?


- Well, these worlds were filmed with enough evidence, it is difficult to run from such crime. I advise you to go to talk in peace with the complainants and pay a sum of money in an apology in front of everyone.


- But the complainants do not take money, and these monkeys do not know how to spend money. Should I compromise with them with bananas? Also, how could I even apologize to monkeys?

By: Lily Haney

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