There was a pretty skilled midwife in a small town...


There was a pretty skilled midwife in a small town. One day, they called her to help a pregnant woman in delivering a baby. With a toolbox in her hand, she told the husband:

- Please come out, sir. I will call you when I need something.

The mother-to-be began screaming. About 10 minutes later, midwife poked her head out the door and asked the husband:

- Do you have pliers?

- Huh?!

- Yes, pliers, hurry up! Don’t worry, I know what I have to do.

About 5 minutes later after taking the pliers, she appeared again at the door:

- Do you have a large wrench?

- Wrench? Oh God, what has happened to my wife?

- Nothing, but I need a wrench.

The husband looked at the wrench and reluctantly gave it to her. The door closed, and there went a horrible sound of metals clashing. The husband clenched his teeth, his head spinning, his hands trembling.

After a moment, the midwife showed up again with a sweaty face:

- Listen, find a sledgehammer or it will be too late!

The husband rushed to burst into the door with panic. Before his eyes, there were pliers, wrench, and… an unopened toolbox.

By: Kimmy Brown

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