Mary and the parrot

There was a parrot who always said bad things...


Mary often walked past a pet store. There was a parrot in the shop, who always squealed:

- Hey there!

Mary asked:

- What?

- You are ugly AF!

Mary was angry.

The next day, when she was passing by, the parrot squealed again:

- Eh, girl. You are ugly! You are ugly AF!

Mary was burnt with anger. This was the third time that Mary could not bear it. She entered the shop and yelled at the shopkeeper:

- This parrot offends me. If I still hear the word “ugly” once again, I will sue you!

The next day, when Mary was passing by, the parrot squealed:

- Hey, girl!

Mary turned around, challenging:

- What?

The parrot answered:

- You know what!

By: Lily Haney

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