how to tell a lie?


A guy told his wife he went out to buy cigarettes, but he came to a bar instead, and there he met a beautiful girl. The next thing he remembered was waking up in the girl's apartment at 3am.

- Oh God, my wife will kill me! - The guy frantically exclaimed - Hurry up, give me some white powder!

The girl gave him some white powder, he immediately rubbed it on his hands and got home hurriedly. Arriving home, his wife jumped in front of the poor guy and asked:

- Where have you been?

- To be honest, I went to a bar, drank some beer and went to the home a beautiful girl...

- Show me your hand - The wife shouted.

He showed her two hands full of white powder.

- You liar! - Scolded the wife - You went bowling all night again, didn’t you?!


By: Anna Bennett

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