In a chic bar

A poor guy walked into a chic bar.


A poor guy walked into a chic bar. He order a bottle of fine wine.

-This bottle cost $ 100, please give me the money in advance – said the careful owner.

The guy challenged the owner:

- What do you think if I can bite my left eye now?

- If you could, I gave you this bottle – The owner said sarcastically.

Immediately, the guy pulled his fake eyeball out and put it into his mouth. He gained the wine, for free of course.

After drinking half of the bottle, the guy continued:

-Now, now I will bite my right eye.

- Are you saying you’re blind? I don’t think so. Do it and I give you $ 200 dollars.

This time, he removed his denture to bite his right eye.

By: Peter Baker

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