Heaven or Hell

You will choose the place that suits you.


A huge businessman died in a car accident. He came to the door of heaven and met Saint Peter there:

Saint Peter said:

- Let me show you this. You will choose the place that suits you.

He led him to a large lawn. There were hundreds of angels fluttering and thousands of people wandering around, some of them were yawning shortly. The Saint explained:

- This is Heaven. Now I will show you Hell.

They came to a big, boisterous, crazy festival. All of them were dancing with pure joy on their faces.

- It's Hell! Where do you choose?

- What a silly question! Of course I chose Hell.

Right after the statement, two evil devils appeared to take the newcomer to the cauldron of boiling oil.

- Wait! Wait! - Shouted the businessman. - You were lying! This is not what I saw earlier!

Saint Peter said as he walked away:

- Oh! What I let you see was just an advertisement.

By: Kimmy Brown

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