Good thing

A boy had done so many good things.


After heading home, a boy ran to his mommy, said cheerfully:

- Mommy, mommy, today I have done a something good!

- What's it, my dear?

- I took an old lady across the street.

- Oh, well done my boy! This is surely a good thing. You’re such a good boy!

Tomorrow, he ran home to tell his mother again:

- Mommy, mommy!Today, my classmates and I have done 35 good things!

- What were you doing?

- We took an old lady across the street.

- Why did you meet so many old ladies today?

- No, it was the same old lady from yesterday. Today we had to work really hard to get her across the road 35 times. The woman was struggling like crazy despite her age!

By: Lily Haney

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