Good boy

Can Teddy be a good boy for his dad?


Early in the morning , hearing Teddy walked down the stairs loudly, Teddy's father seriously reminded:

- Son, I've told you so many times about this. Can’t you go down the stairs slowly, quietly as a gentleman?

Teddy fell into silence. His father continued:

- Hurry up, change to school uniform and then have your breakfast. Remember that I do not want to hear any more footsteps from now on. Okay?

Teddy nodded slightly and went back to his room. A few minutes later the boy appeared again without making any noise. Teddy's father was both surprised and excited:

- Good boy! Yes, that is very good!

Teddy shrugged:

- Not too bad. It’s just… I can slide with the stairs rails, but how am I supposed to come up?

By: Vivian Cooper

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