Fruit of love

There were lovers that could live with the fruit of love only.


A newlywed couple spent their honeymoon in a countryside farmhouse. The owner of the farm was quite kind, doing everything possible for the young lovers to enjoy their happiness. At every meal, he went out to the courtyard and called up to the attic where the lovey-dovey couple was staying and reminded them to eat.

One morning, right after hearing the owner’s voice, the guy poked his head out, said assertively that they didn’t need breakfast. At noon, after the man called again, the young man poked his head out the window and replied:

- We do not need to eat, sir. We could live with the fruit of love only.

The farm owner grumbled:

- Yep, it’s okay if you don’t eat. But when you enjoy that love fruit of yours, don’t throw the peel into my yard. Some of my ducks were already choked by that fruit of your love.

By: Quinn Abrams

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