Francis and Job

A woman complained to a pastor about her silly parrots...


A woman complained to a pastor:

- Father, my parrots are really stupid. They could only say one sentence: "Hello. Do you want to have fun?"

The pastor replied:

- It’s just ridiculous! I will help you with this. My two parrots, Francis and Job always pray and read the Bible every day. Bring your parrots to my house. In the same cage, your parrots will certainly be taught about honesty and respect.

The woman brought her two parrots to the pastor’s house. Seeing two other parrots reading books, the parrots shouted:

- Hello. Hello. Do you want to have fun?

A parrot dropped the book, shouting at his friend cheerfully:

- Francis! Our prayers have been heard finally!

By: Roxana Edwards

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