Farmer’s side job

As a farmer, he works on the road instead of in the field.


A young couple driving back home was sucked in mud on the road.

The couple got off the car, found out how to escape half a day but wasn’t still able to make the car move. A farmer nearby saw this and asked:

- Hey, do you need help, I just get a cheap $ 10 only.

The couple thought a little and nodded in agreement. Just a few minutes later, the car was released from the mud pit. The farmer got money and laughed joyfully:

- People are very stuck at this point, from morning to now, there are 10 cars.

The husband was surprised:

- Oh, the whole day you have to push the car like this. When you go to work in the field? Evening?

The farmer shook his head:

- No, I do not have time left. In the evening, I'm busy pumping water for some mires on this road.

By: Jonath Martin

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