In heaven, there were clocks that measure people's faithfulness...


St. Peter was very pleased to welcome Mr. Grey, who was extremely pious at the gate of Heaven.

After the social greetings, he immediately took him around to admire the heavenly scenes. After about an hour, they reached a huge room covered in clocks: big ones, small ones, square ones, round ones… Under each clock was a name of somebody.

The saint smiled and explained:

- These clocks are used to measure people's faithfulness in the world. The quick ones show that their owners are very promiscuous, while the slower ones mean less sin. And the ones that are not working, they belong to the most faithful. Their owner will go to heaven after death, just like you.

However, Mr. Grey couldn’t not found any clock with the name of his wife. He turned to St. Peter:

- Why can’t I see the name of my faithful wife?

- Well, your wife's clock is in my office. I use it as my ceiling fan.

By: Lily Haney

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