Dating club

A group of boys went to a dating club...


A group of boys went to a dating club, which was said to be very interesting with a lot of girls waiting to be picked. When they arrived, the instructor said:

- We have 5 floors. Just discover each floor, and you can stop anywhere you please.

The boy got to the first floor and saw a sign: "Short yet sincere  girls." They laughed and went on to the second floor.

The second floor also had a sign: "Short yet cute girls ". Thinking that this floor was also not great enough, they continued with the third floor.

The third floor was labeled as "Tall and sincere girls". But the guys still wanted better girls, so they went to the fourth floor.

This floor was the place of "Tall and beautiful girls". The guys were very excited to see that this club’s standard was getting increasingly higher along with the floors. So they continued to go up.

The last floor, too, had a sign: "This floor has no girl at all. It was built just to prove that there is no way to please men."

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