Climb the stairs

2 poor guys had to climb the stairs when the hotel's power was off.


2 friends rented a double room on the 99th floor of the hotel. Since they had just got paid the day before, the guys decided to visit the bar in the basement to have some whiskey. Unfortunately, when they got back to the room, the power was off. The elevator could not be used, and the poor guys had to climb the stairs.

During the “journey”, the boys had told each other their stories about all the ups and downs in life, what they had been suffering in this world, in order to shorten the distance.

When they reached the 98th floor, one of them said mournfully:

- I’m about to tell you something new, more painful than all we know.

- Come on, I’m exhausted now. Just get to the point.

- I left the key at the bar...

By: Peter Baker

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