Careful what you wish for

There was an ugly guy living alone in a village...


There was an ugly guy living alone in a village. His skin was dark like dry firewood, his nose was huge and red like a tomato, his eyes were white as snow, white his yellow teeth looked just like corn.

Of course, no girl likes the poor guy. One day, when he was crying his eyes out as usual, whoop! A fairy appeared. She asked gently:

- What’s wrong my son? What makes you cry so hard? Don’t worry. I’m here to help you out.

The guy cried louder:

- Please change me! I want to look white, beautiful, luxurious, elegant! I want every girl to stay close to me every day!

- Easy, son. Have you thought about it carefully? Won’t you regret it?

- Yes. I have nothing to worry about.

Boom! The guy immediately transformed into a white toilet - something that every girl stays close to every day.

By: Peter Baker

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