Betrayal is equal to the number of eggs.


A husband is in dying moments, calling his wife to the side: 

-Honey! I can’t live anymore. Please tell me the truth, during the time we live together, how many times you betray me? 

The wife doesn’t say anything, just sobs. 

He asked her wife: 

- Well, you do not want to say. Please explain to me why there are 3 eggs and $ 300 in your cupboard? 

The wife whimpers: 

- Every time I betray you, I put an egg in the cupboard. 

He exhales: 

- Well, only three times? What about $ 300? 

This time, his wife cries very loudly and explains: 

- Each time there are too many eggs, I bring them to the market to sale and ... I save $ 300. 

Upon hearing that, the husband gives the last breath. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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