Beer, gambling and women

How could a man live without beer, gambling and women?


A rich man met a beggar wandering, filthy, ragged and looking extremely scary.

- For God's mercy, please give me some money to buy food. I have been starving for so many days!

The rich man opened his wallet, pulled out $ 10 bill and asked:

- Will you use this money to buy beer instead of food?

- No sir! I was hungry, not thirsty!

- So will you use it to gamble?

- Where are you thinking? I do not need anything other than something to eat.

- Maybe you will use it on some girl?

- My God, you are so imaginative. Now I could only think of one thing, that is I am about to starve to death.

The man put $ 10 back into his wallet and said:

- Get on the car. Let’s go to my house and have dinner. My wife is waiting!

- No, sir! I am filthy, and I smell horrible.

- No, my friend, I just want my wife to know what a man will become when there’s no beer, gambling and... women in his life!

By: Kimmy Brown

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