Bad luck

A sad-faced man was sitting in a bar, looking at the glass of wine in front of him for half an hour...


A sad-faced man was sitting in a bar. He looked at the glass of wine in front of him for half an hour as if he wanted to immerse himself in the glass. A young man entered the bar, went to sit next to the man, pounded his back, took the glass of wine on the table and drank it all.

The man suddenly cried so loudly... The young man hurriedly said:

- Well, don’t cry man. I was just kidding! I'll get you another glass. My treat.

- I'm not crying about that - The man explained - Today is the worst day of my life. In the morning, I got up late and went to work late. My angry boss fired me. When I got out of the office, I discovered my car had been stolen. The police said they could not do anything and I would never find the car again... Then I picked up a taxi to go home, but when I got out of the cab, I left the wallet on the back seat and the car ran away. When I entered the house, I saw my wife lying on the bed with my neighbor. I left home and decided to end my life. I went to this bar and when I was about to make it, you came and drank my poisoned glass of wine...

By: Archie Henderson

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