A chance to live

The Death was about to take away the life of 3 guys...


There are three friends sitting on a ship. When the ship left 30 miles from shore, suddenly the Death appeared:

- You three... you all will have to die...

The three guys, shaking, begged Death for a chance to live. Death thought for a while and answered:

- Ok, now you can throw one thing down here. If you find that one thing, you will die.

The first guy threw a needle down the water. Death disappeared, but nearly 1 minute later he came back with the needle in his hand. The guy died.

The next guy threw a hair into the sea. The Death disappeared, but 5 minutes later he came back with the hair in his hand. The guy died.

Finally, it was the third guy’s turn to throw something down. Death was gone. Half an hour after... 1 hour after... 2 hours later... The Death came back and asked angrily:

- What did you throw down there? I couldn’t find anything!

 The last guy took a sip of water, answered calmly:

- Effervescent… was about to take it before you came...

By: Frank Richardson

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