3 eggs and $300

A dying husband asked his wife about 3 eggs and $300 in her case.


A husband on the dying bed, called his wife to his side and asked:

- Honey, now that I cannot live anymore, please tell me the truth… During the time we live together, how many time did you cheated on me?...

The wife did not say anything. She just sobbed. The husband continued:

- Well, I did not want to say anything at all. Just please explain to me about the 3 eggs and $300 in your case?

The wife whispered:

- Every time I cheated on you, I put an egg in the case.

The husband exhaled:

- Well, only three times? What about $300?

This time, his wife cried very loudly and explained:

- Each time there are too many eggs, I bring them to the market and... And now I have saved $300.

The husband cried out and gave one last breath.

By: Kimmy Brown

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