10 or 1?

Would you take 10 dollar or 1 dollar?


One day, a neighbor called Little John and asked:

- John, if I let you choose between two banknotes, 10 and 1 dollar, which one would you prefer?

John smiled:

- I only need 1!

The neighbor was surprised and gave John 1 dollar.

The following month, everyone tried to test John as the neighbor did, and they said to one another:

- That boy is so stupid, I could give him 10 dollar, but he always like only 1 dollar!

The rumor came to John's mother. She cried:

- God, poor me! How could I have such a stupid son? He doesn’t even know the value of money...

John silenced his mother and whispered:

- Quiet, mom. If I took 10 dollar, I only got 10 dollar. But now I have more than 30 dollar!




By: Charlie Jones

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