Women need more sleep than men, and here’s why

Women's brain structures are said to be more complex and are used more than men's brains both in housework and office work.

Sleep is one of the essential human needs. Women sleep more than men, not because they are lazy, but because of the different biological structures of women and men, and in some countries women also carry the burden of family work.

Learn about the sleep of women around the world

Deep sleep helps the brain to repair damaged nerve tissues. As you sleep, the cortex, which is responsible for thought, memory, language and similar things, will temporarily detach from the senses and begin to recover.

The duration of sleep depends on the level of brain’s activities that day. If your brain has worked too much in the daytime, sleep may need to be longer so that injured nerve cells can recover.


Most women in the world also say they wake up in a worse mood than men because of worries about housework.

With traditional hard-working women, in Japan, women are sleeping less than women in other countries in the world. On average they only sleep 5 hours 56 minutes per day, about 2 hours less compared to women in Finland, Holland, New Zealand, who are sleeping on average 7 hours 41 minutes per day.

Long sleep does not mean good deep sleep. In China, women do not tend to sleep for many hours like other the women in the charts but they have the best sleep, especially on Wednesday and Thursday according to survey data in this country. Other countries have relatively good sleep are: Poland, Czech Republic, Taiwan. In contrast, women in New Zealand are among those who have the longest sleeping and worst sleep quality, together with women in Ireland, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

In the world, Saturday is the latest bedtime, in Portugal women go to bed at 1:34 am, Taiwan at 1:23 am and South Korea at 1:21 am. This is also the night of best sleep for women all over the world. They have the best chance of sleeping the longest and getting up in the best mood.


What makes women sleep more than men?

Women and men differ biologically

Biological conditions in women are very different from men, because they experience significant changes in the monthly hormone levels due to ovulation cycle. The time of pregnancy, menopause also affects hormones and affects sleep. Therefore, adequate sleep is very important for women so that they are not exhausted the next day.

Women's brains must be used more, need more time to recover

Women's brain structures are said to be more complex and are used more than men's brains both in housework and office work. They are more active than men's brains so it takes more time to heal.


Women’s brains is definitely more complicated. According to studies of women's brains, women need to sleep more than men for at least 20 minutes a day. Poor sleep quality can have a dramatic effect on the psychological condition of women.

Sleep affects the mood of women

Depression, or emotional disturbance, anger and discomfort can increase in women because of bad sleep. This sign does not appear in men who are deficient in sleep. In addition, many other health disorders may also increase without adequate sleep.

Women perform more tasks

Women can watch television, chop foods and talk on the phone at the same time effectively. Women work both in the office and at home, and they tend to handle more things.

All work requires them to use brains more than men, and they also need more time to relax than men. The more successful a woman is, the more brain energy she loses, the more sleep she needs.




By: Olivia Mendoza

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