Why do your eyes get tired?

Your eyes have to work very hard in this busy bustling life but they are not properly cared and therefore become weaker.

Following are the major reasons why your eyes often get tired. 

Working against the clock

When you watch TV, play video games, read or study for hours without rest, your eyes have to work constantly, causing the muscles around the eye to overwork and damages to your eyes. Dr. Ronald Schachar of the Association for the Advancement of Ophthalmology notes that when one is tired, the blink rate slows down and the eyes are not properly lubricated. 

Eye specialists are finding that workers at computer visual display terminals experience decreased blinking. So, after a long day of work, you need to rest your eyes by sleeping early and getting enough sleep. Good sleep brings health to the eyes and helps avoid swelling, redness or dark circles.

Eyes get tired because of overworking.

No sunglasses

Without wearing sunglasses when you are out, your eyes are vulnerable. The effect of ultraviolet rays from the sun and dusty environment can hurt your eyes: burn the cornea, damage the lens and retina and increase the risk of cataract. Avoiding smoke, dust and sunshine is the most effective way to care for your eyes.

Not only can wearing sunglasses help protect your eyes from environmental impact, but it also limits the attack of insects and strange objects which may fly into the eyes when driving. In addition, it also helps you see the road clearer while moving under the dazzling sunlight.

Too much makeup

Many who wear eye make-up are unaware of some of the potential negative effects.  While most makeup products are safe for use near the eyes, they do pose a threat if you don’t use them properly. Improper use of makeup, as well as lax eye care, can lead to eye irritation and infection. Even worse, it sometimes causes permanent eye damage, including blindness.

Therefore, those who use eye make-up, especially girls must always thoroughly cleanse the eye surrounding area before going to bed and absolutely avoid the use of cosmetics with unknown origin or contact lenses too long.

Remove makeup before sleeping for bright eyes.

Not using eye drops


You need daily eye care cleansing to remove dirt, balance moisture and prevent disease. But many people do not have the habit of using eye drops regularly, causing their eyes to suffer heavy pressure when working constantly without proper care. When you use the eye drops with nutrients, vitamins and antihistamines (for those with allergies), your eyes will be better. In addition, you also need to supplement vitamin A-rich food - which is very good for the eyes.

By: Christina Baker

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