What motivates you to exercise at home?

Many people choose to exercise at home for more comfort. However, that comfort might be distracting preventing you from doing your plan.

Select your favorite exercise

Rather than spending money on classes in some center, you will have the opportunity to try a variety of exercises without wasting resources on the internet. From cardio, HIIT to yoga, pilates... you can find yourself countless training videos for beginners or even pros. It is important that you feel comfortable and satisfy with your choice, so you can have the motive to stay home longer.

Set up a plan

The advice of trainers is that you should schedule a specific home exercise plan, as if you were going to the gym. Workout plans should include the days, hours and exercises you will perform. Just seriously think of the workout as an appointment that cannot be delayed, an appointment that gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself.


Prepare some space

Exercises at home need airy space and less obstacles to interfere with the process of training. Maybe before you start, you will have to move some objects to another location. However, you should remember to do this before the workout. It is best to fix a corner to serve your plan to keep fit. If your room is a little messy, at least you should have prepared the night before for exercise the next morning.

Have your own workout clothes

Many people think that not going to the gym means they don’t have to choose suitable clothes to practice. However, specialized clothes not only support your training effectively but also give you more motives to exercise at home, which has been proven by many scientific studies. Therefore, don’t forget to invest in clothing for your exercises. Sometimes, having a look at these beautiful items will give you the motivation to wear them.


Reward yourself

Setting up milestones and rewarding yourself are the way to maintain motivation. That may be a piece of meat you've been waiting for a long week or a nice dress you're looking at. Such rewards are not totally meaningless. In fact, they create a balance between effort and accomplishment. Remember, spoiling yourself a little is also part of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Share your achievement

According to a scientific study published in the Psychological Science, being recognized by the community can make you work harder. So, do not forget to share the moment of completing exercises to your friends on social networks. However, you should also remember to show off your accomplishments without fast selfies when you have not even started. If you don’t pay attention, social networking might turns into "black holes" that distract you.



By: Anna Bennett

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