What happens when you become a pure vegan?

Having a vegetarian diet has a lot of health benefits and you will definitely have some unexpected changes.

1. Intestinal bacteria will change


When you start a vegan diet, your body automatically adjusts by changing the gut bacteria. Initially you may fart and get flatulence. However, this happens only because the body cleans itself of dioxins, hormones, bacteria from the diet that contains meat and protein.

2. Your skin is purified


Cleansing is shown as acne. Since meat and dairy products are known to damage the body's hormones, eating veggies will balance hormonal responses and simultaneously cleanse the skin.

3. Your weight will be reduced


You can eat fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables will support weight loss. Many studies have shown that a vegetarian diet will help you lose weight more effectively than any other diet.

4. The body odor changes


After you have switched to a vegan diet, you will notice that your body odor changes significantly to a more pleasant odor. Foods like red meat will cause toxins in the blood and intestines, leading to unpleasant body odors.

5. Cardiovascular health will be improved


This happens because with a vegan diet, you will have less saturated foods, which is better for your heart. Remember to choose foods wisely by cutting down on saturated fats like cheese, milk and fat from animals.

6. You will get protein from a pure vegetarian diet


A pure vegetarian diet does not include any animal meat or other additives. A vegetarian-based diet focuses more on a nutritious diet. Processed products from plants also contain a lot of protein. You can eat foods like nuts, beans, and vegetables – they all contain high levels of protein.

However, when you cut down on meat and dairy products, you will also lack the vitamins that can be obtained from these foods. In vegetarian diets, it is difficult to provide enough minerals and vitamins since they are mostly found in meat products. So, take vitamin D, iron, and vitamin B12 supplements during the vegetarian diet.

7. The amount of calcium in the body will decrease


If you completely ignore dairy products, there may be a chance of getting a calcium deficiency. Most calcium-rich dairy foods are not found in vegan foods. But you can try other products such as soy milk, it’s somewhat similar to cow's milk.

8. Your digestive system will be healthier


Vegetarianism will provide a significant amount of fiber to your body from various foods such as whole grains and vegetables, starches. Eating these foods regularly will help improve your digestive system, especially when fiber has a very impressive laxative effect.

By: Anna Bennett

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