Unhealthy habits of US presidents

Being power does not mean that they know how to take good care of their health. Here are some extremely harmful habits of the 6 US presidents.

No.1. Donald Trump 


The 45th president of the United States is not afraid to say that he is a fast food lover. On Trump's personal page, it's not hard to find photos of him enjoying KFC or MC Donald's sandwich. He also seems to be a fan of soda when this drink often appears on the working table. 

When Donald Trump came to take over the White House on behalf of Barack Obama, chefs were informed that the almonds would be replaced with fried potato during supper of the new president. 

No.2. Barack Obama 

Obama acknowledged nicotine addiction from the late teens. 

Although Lady Michelle Obama promotes healthy diets and exercise, President Barack Obama has harmed his health from smoking habits. 

Obama acknowledged nicotine addiction from the late teens. Before running for the presidency in 2007, he was asked by his wife to quit smoking, but still took drugs from his assistant. By the end of 2009, the 44th president of the United States had determined his resolve. Chewing gum nicotine all the time at the White House was his way of restraining his cravings. 

No.3. George W. Bush 

President Bush was a heavy drinker at a young age. 

Former wife Laura Bush revealed in an interview in 2010 that her husband was a heavy drinker at a young age. But he finally broke the habit of being extremely harmful after his 40th birthday, before taking office in 2000. Not only is a culprit leading to hepatitis, this drink adds more 200 calories a day, which makes you gain weight. 

No.4. Bill Clinton 

Bill Clinton liked fatty foods. 

Although former president Bill Clinton made a healthier lifestyle with a vegetarian diet, but bad eating habits in the past, before being elected, were more or less devastating to his health. 

A New York Times’ article in 1992 described in detail Bill Clinton's hobbies with fatty foods in the restaurant, especially barbecued meat, in addition to cheese, chicken. At that time, Hillary Clinton was on the side of encouraging her husband to give up bad habits and helped him reduce about 13kg before taking office in 1993. 

No.5. Ronald Reagan 

The 40th president of the United States is also a fan of outdoor activities. 

In addition to smoking addiction, the 40th President of the United States also loves outdoor activities. Growing up in California, Reagan spends most of its time outside for sport, play, and work activities without any protection from the effects of sunshine. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that he has basal cell carcinoma - the disease usually develops on sun exposure. 

No.6. Gerald Ford 

The 38th President of the United States smoked up to eight pipes a day. 

Late President Gerald Ford was famous for always having pipe tobacco on his lips. All reports of smoking and his health were not disclosed until 1964, 10 years before Ford took office. 

According to reports, the 38th president smoked up to eight cigarettes a day. This habit had seriously affected his lungs and overall health. The biggest health risks associated with smoking were lung, throat and mouth cancer. In addition, this was also the cause of cardiovascular disease including heart attack and stroke. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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