The miracle benefits of lemon peel to cancer treatment

When using lemon we still have the habit of removing its peel without knowing that it is the medicine that cures most diseases.

Lemon peels are effective against cancer

Recently, Australian scientists have researched and discovered antioxidant compounds and essential oils in lemon peels high enough to fight cancer. 


Researchers also claim that in lemon peel there are about 22 anti-cancer substances such as limonene, citrus pectin, flavonnol glycosides and vitamin C. A lemon can prevent about 50% of diseases caused by malignant cells. . For this reason, scientists say, about 150 grams of lemon peel is the amount you need to consume to prevent cancer. You can completely store frozen lemons for easy use and keep the nutrients. 

In additon, the flavonoid in lemon peels is very good at restraining the division of cancer cells. Consequently, people who consume this fruit can reduce the risk of cancer compared to others, especially breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer. A new study also adds that hot tea with lemon peels is also good for cancer treatment. 

Other effective benefits of lemon peel 

Reducing stress 


The lemon peel contains bio-flavonoids, a substance that eliminates stress, reduces stress and fatigue. Just a glass of hot tea adds a few slices of lemon peels for you to sip will dispel the fatigue and gradually regain balance. 

Lowering cholesterol

Eating lemon peels reduces cholesterol levels in the body, enhancing cardiovascular development. Potassium in the lemon peel helps maintain a stable blood pressure. In addition, polyphenol flavonoids in lemon peel also help reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) cholesterol in the body. Vitamin C and other vitamins help balance the blood vessels. Therefore, lemon peel helps reduce the pathologies related to cardiovascular, diabetes, blood pressure. 

Strengthening the immune system and supporting the digestive system 


To have a healthy body, you must have a good immune system. Lemon peel helps you fight a number of illnesses such as flu, cough, fever and infection. It also improves the function of the intestinal tract, supporting the digestive system with high fiber content in the lemon peel. 

Being good for oral health and hygiene  

Lack of vitamin C easily lead to bleeding teeth, gingivitis, gum disease ... Therefore, it is necessary to provide adequate vitamin C body if you do not want to suffer from dental diseases. Citric acid in the lemon peel helps prevent gum disease and gum disease. 

For healthy skin 


Most of us at a certain age have skin disease such as acne, pigmentation, wrinkles... considered signs of aging skin. Lemon peels with a rich source of vitamin C and citric acid help cleanse the blood vessels of the body and help remove impurities in the skin. This helps the skin get rid of toxin to have the healthy skin. So you should not throw away the lemon peel, but take advantage of its great benefits. 

By: Oralie Smith

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