Still throwing avocado seeds away? You are making a big mistake!

Scientists indicate that seed husk is the most valuable part of an avocado, not the flesh.

Many studies have shown the health benefits of avocado fruits such as anti-aging, cholesterol-lowering, anti-cancer. This fruit is also beneficial to the cardiovascular and perfect for weight loss. Avocado is seen as one of the most popular fruits and vegetables in the list of many housewives around the world. This fruit can be used as salad, juice and facial mask. But almost all of us use the flesh only and chuck out the seed without knowing that it is the best part of an avocado. 

Researchers from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley have discovered that avocado husk, which covers the hard seeds, contains many organic compounds that inhibit growth of malignant tumors and reduce the fat accumulation inside the artery. What is more, avocado seeds can also be used as cosmetics, perfume and many other products. 


Experts believe that avocado seed husk is truly "gold mine of medicinal compounds", overwhelming the flesh that we have still preferred. 

Every year, about 5 million tons of avocados are consumed worldwide. Mostly, the seeds are gathered and processed by vegetable oil manufacturers. However, the husks are always treated as waste. 

The researchers used about 300 dried avocado seed husks, equivalent to 595 gr. After treatments, they have three teaspoons of oil and nearly 30 grams of wax. In the lab, the team of researchers found 116 compounds contained in the oil and 16 compounds detected in the wax. Especially, many of those organic compounds do not exist in avocado flesh. 


The team found that the oil contains heptacosane (C27H56), a compound that inhibits the growth of cancer cells. In addition, in the oil exists dodecanoic acid (C12H24O2), also known as lauric acid, which increases HDL (high density lipoprotein), a lipoprotein that transports excess cholesterol in the blood to the liver, reducing the risk heart diseases like heart attack and stroke. Behenyl alcohol, or docosanol, is an important ingredient used in antiviral drugs and the treatment of sores and herpes, is also found in the oil. 

In the wax, researchers have discovered butylated hydroxytoluene (C15H24O), an antioxidant used as an additive in the food and cosmetic product. 


Although avocado seed husk contains many healthy compounds, nutritionists advise against uncontrolled use as the recommended amount used per day has been still unknown. Researchers are trying to find out the ways to eliminate all side effects of avocado seed husk, so as that people can use this golden food safely someday.

By: Chris Stewart

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