Signs on body that warn you of dangerous diseases

Abdominal swelling, skin inflammation, acne, mouth ulcers and jaundice are all signs that you should not underestimate.

External manifestations are sometimes signs of serious health problems that you should never ignore.

Abdominal swelling

Bloating usually occurs when your stomach accumulates too much food, liquid or air. This symptom occurs when your body experiences problems digesting food or has an allergy to certain foods.

Other health problems can lead to abdominal swelling such as hormone imbalance, candidiasis, constipation, excessive drinking, sweating, stress and intestinal dysfunction.

Overeating at the same time dilutes the acid content in the stomach. That makes enzymes cannot work well. As a consequence, the food is partially digested, causing bloating. 


Skin inflammation and acne

Common causes of skin inflammation and redness are related to hormone disorders.

Women may get acne around a week before menstruation as the estrogen content helps prevent the formation and development of acne.

However, polycystic ovary syndrome in women can cause hormone imbalance, manifesting itself outside of the body through signs like acne, overweight (especially in the abdomen) and excessive hair growth on the face.

In addition, acne can also be a warning of your troubled digestive system, especially the liver. This can also be a sign that you are having an unhealthy diet, consuming too much carbohydrate-containing foods, stress, allergies, or harmful bacteria that are increasing in your body.


White tongue

The appearance of a thin white layer around the tongue can be a warning of digestive disorders, iron and vitamin B deficiency, or diabetes.

White spots on the tongue are likely due to oral fungal infections, oral candidiasis (white patches in the mouth or on the tongue, mostly seen on smokers), flat lichen planus (white itchy rash that does not cause infection, may affect many body parts including mouth internal parts).

Vertical or horizontal stripes on nails

Healthy nails are usually smooth, curly and glossy without any unusual spots or stripes. Stripes on the nails may be a sign of anemia or arthritis.

Mouth ulcers

Ulcers in the mouth, on the gums and tongue, on the inside of the cheeks or outside of the lips can be signs of immune deficiency.

Yellow eyes or jaundice

Jaundice is usually due to excessive content of beta carotene, vitamin A or vitamin C and not really anxious. However, yellow eyes may be a sign of liver diseases. People with these symptoms are advised to go for a medical examination to be diagnosed correctly and promptly.

Eyelid twitch

If you have eye twitching, this may be a sign that your nervous system is experiencing a problem or a lack of magnesium - a factor that plays an important role in neurotransmitters. However, eye twitch usually ends itself and does not turn out to be a serious problem.

By: Chris Stewart

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