Seven daily habits that will destroy your spine

If you often have backache and feel uncomfortable in the spine, maybe you have some following wrong habits.

1. Smoking


In addition to the risk of lung damage, smoking can cause back pain because nicotine disrupts normal blood flow around the spinal cord. People with weak spine are more likely to get this condition if they smoke.

2. Circadian clock discontinuation


Scientists say that when our biological rhythms are interrupted (due to age, chronic insomnia, and night shift work), cells begin to function badly, leading to chronic inflammation. and makes us more prone to the degeneration of the spine discs.

To slow down the aging of the spinal cord, you should maintain a stable schedule to avoid the rhythm disorder.

3. Wrong posture

If your head or shoulders are in the wrong place, that means you do not control the upper part of the body. This causes the spine to become more bent and the body has to bear that bad position during the move. As a result, the stress is getting worse on your body.


To avoid a bad posture, you need to stand, sit and lie comfortably so that your muscles and ligaments are relaxed, and your spine is not under pressure, especially when moving and playing sports.

4. Wearing uncomfortable shoes


Backache can be caused by uncomfortable shoes. A good quality pair of shoes that fits your feet will not put pressure on your spine. If you like sports shoes or like to wear shoes in cold weather, wear socks to reduce friction and discomfort.

5. Not having enough rest


It is important to rest every time you feel a little uncomfortable on your back. Of course, you may not always be able to rest when you have back pain, but do not forget to rest as soon as you have time, even if the discomfort is gone.

6. Using too much cell phone

Scientists estimate that people who use a mobile phone for two to four hours a day on average bend their necks in an equivalent period of 700 to 1,400 hours a year.


We can not stop using technology that makes our lives much easier, but we can at least pay attention to the way we position our bodies each time we use them, for example, by not bending our necks too much and keeping the screen at our eyes’ level.

7. Doing jobs that involve too much brainwork


Sometimes, your brain has to work too much for a long time and this can lead to back pain. In this case, try to think about something other than your job and your problems. You can play some sports or watch movies to forget the problems that make you nervous. The ability to think about something else can reduce the ache.

By: Sophie Wang

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