Incredible effects of collagen in maintaining permanent health and beauty

In addition to preserving beauty, what benefits does collagen have on health?

You have probably heard a lot of sharing from the beauty experts, doctors, beauty bloggers about the amazing effect of collagen. Besides the miraculous benefits to skin, collagen is also good for other parts of the body such as muscles, bones, blood, cartilages and ligaments.

Here are some of the best effects of collagen on health and beauty that you might want to know.


Reduces joint pain

Cartilage will weaken over time and lead to joint pain. Collagen will help your body reduce the pain and the symptoms of arthritis. Specifically, in 2009, a study about the effects of collagen type II on joints produced positive results: collagen reduced 40% arthritis symptoms in just three months.

As a result, doctors and health care professionals often offer advice to middle-aged or older adults to add collagen to their bodies every day.


Prevents skin aging

This is probably the most prominent effect when it comes to collagen. Most women understand that collagen is considered as an essential protein to maintain elasticity and firmness, helping to keep the skin fresh and lively.

Over time, however, the amount of collagen in the body is reduced, resulting in skin spots, crow's feet, and wrinkles that affect our appearance. Therefore, the addition of collagen to maintain beauty is essential. There are many methods to provide collagen for the body, such as using concentrated essence, functional food, medicine...

To test the effect of collagen, scientists conducted a study in 2014 with 69 random women aged 35 - 55. People who received collagen supplementation felt like the elasticity of their skin was improved after four weeks of continuous use. In addition, another study showed that wrinkles on the skin were faded after only eight weeks of using collagen.


Increases muscles, reduces fat

Collagen is a major component of muscle tissues, so it's no surprise that this type of "drug" has a great impact on muscle formation.

In addition, collagen contains the amino acid involved in the formation of creatine. This is the substance that will provide the fuel needed for muscles, making your body more flexible and responsive.


Reduces cellulite

Cellulite is a layer of not good fat accumulating under the skin, leading to orange peel syndrome. Although studies suggest that sound waves can treat cellulite, collagen is also a promising method that will bring you great results, helping to improve the texture and color of the skin.

Indeed, a 2015 study done on 105 women aged 24-50 showed positive results: their skin texture became firmer and their skin pigmentation also became even at the same time after six month using collagen.


Improve digestion

Collagen lies in the connective tissues of the intestine and forms a lining that enhances the digestive function of the body. This membrane is formed by collagen, forming a barrier that helps to prevent bowel inflammation due to the leakage of material particles through the blood vessels.



By: Anna Bennett

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