How to cut calories from everyday habits

If you do not have enough time or energy to lose weight, there are still very simple tips to cut calories you can apply to achieve higher results.

Eating slowly and chewing carefully


Studies have suggested that people who chew carefully tend to eat less at meals. Because when you chew slowly, food will be crushed and easier to digest, making you feel full and full longer. When we chew, saliva secretes more and reacts with gastric fluid in the stomach, creating a sense of fullness. If you eat slowly, you can cut 200 calories at each meal and about 500 calories a day, which is a significant figure.

Chewing gum


You can burn up to 11 calories per hour while chewing gum (without sugar). Chewing action also helps prevent unnecessary snacks.

Sing while showering

Everyone knows that singing is a good medicine for the spirit. This activity releases endorphins and reduces cortisol, which reduces stress. Singing also requires the activity of the respiratory system and abdominal muscles. Perhaps this is why this activity can burn up to 136 calories an hour.

Eating celery


It has long been said that celery has so little calories that the energy consumed by chewing and digesting celery is more than the calorie it carries. While "low-calorie" foods are considered a lot, the heat effects of the food (the number of calories your body consumes through eating) are real. Simply, if you eat a medium sized piece of celery containing 6 calories, your body will burn 1 calorie when digesting that celery serving.

Dividing into several small meals


One of the most commonly used tips to limit the intake of excessive calories at every meal is to divide a big meal into many smaller ones. Instead of displaying all the dishes at the same time and eating them all, you serve each dish with less food than usual. Also, change the size of the bowl, plate to cut down on food intake and overcome hunger. Just reduce the plate diameter from 30cm to 20cm - 25cm then you can reduce the calorie intake by 20%.

Do not eat after 7 pm


A recent study in Japan found that people who eat late at night after 7 pm or snacking at late night would consume 500 calories more than early meals. Because when you go to bed, your body will not be able to drain the energy it has loaded, and as a result, it will accumulate as fat. So, change your dinner routine sooner and if you are often hungry at night, replace with low sugar fruits or sugar-free yogurt to not consume too many calories.

Eating spicy food


Taste is not the only incentive for you to order Thai food or add chili to chicken rice. Researchers at Purdue University found that people who added half a tablespoon of spicy to the soup would eat less than 60 calories compared to those who didn’t.



You may think that there is no connection between gardening and keeping the shape, but you are wrong. Gardening can burn 250 calories per hour. It’s likely time to go to the garden and look after your vegetables and flowers.



Regular meal preparation means that you have to cut, mix, and fry. Make any combination of these activities for 40 minutes and you will burn 128 calories before serving up the dish. Also, you can burn extra calories during the cleaning process.

By: Alexis Johnson

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