How does phone use at night affect your body?

If the cell phone is the first and the last thing you look at then that's the sign you need to change.

The phone seems to have become a part of the people. There are many people who habitually use the phone before going to sleep or just waking up.

But do you notice that after each time to stare at the phone screen, it is difficult to sleep? Science has demonstrated that using the phone at night before bed is extremely harmful.


You think watching a bedtime phone makes you sleep better, but the fact that you stare at the screen at night makes you "not tired to sleep." Before going to bed, your body needs to be rested properly. However, exposure to bright and cheerful entertainment makes it impossible for the body to rest.

Cortisol is a hormone released in the adrenal glands that wakes us up (help prepare for the night's threat). Video games, comments on Facebook, reminders on iPad and photos on Instagram appear on this electronic screen that combine to stress your brain. Your body, when exposed to these things, instead of producing melatonin hormone - makes you sleep, it releases hormone cortisol. Therefore, the body will not rest.

The light from the phone decreases the production of melatonin


However, the problem is not necessarily the awakening of consciousness by the game or social networking. What really influences you is the blue light radiating from the screen of those devices.

According to researcher Brittany Woods, in order to produce white light, the devices must produce short, multicolored light waves (three main colors - red - green - blue). Specifically, blue light rays on the screen of electronic devices will limit, stop the secretion of melatonin hormone in the body leading to decreased quality and sleep time. This is very disturbing for teenagers and adolescents because they often wake up late at night. In a more understandable way, after millions of years of evolution, the human body has adapted to the "red warmth of the sun at dusk to sleep and the bright blue of the sun at day to wake up". And when exposed to blue light from the phone means that the brain will consider it a time to wake up.

How does using a phone at night affect your body?

Maybe you feel the need to use the work and only the insomnia will not have serious problems.

However, you were wrong. Disruption of the body's circadian rhythms (particularly the sleep cycle) increases the risk of diabetes and obesity. If the habit happens for many consecutive years it will also lead to the risk of more serious diseases such as breast cancer. In addition, neurotoxins accumulated in the body throughout the day will not be excreted effectively if you do not have a good sleep. Neurotoxins in the brain make you tired, reduce memory and concentration. That is not to mention that your metabolism will also be ruined.

How to improve?


The best solution is to turn off the phone, the computer and read a book. Reading not only helps you increase your knowledge but also makes you sleep a lot. So, do not use the phone before bed to have a healthy body.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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