Hormonal imbalance: Signs and natural herbal remedies

Hormonal imbalance is a common condition that affects women's health and beauty. So, what are the signs of this condition and how to cure it?

Things you need to know about hormones

Hormones are produced by the glands, which are part of the endocrine system - the system that sends vital signals to the circulatory system. We have about 10 major hormone production pathways in our bodies, such as the ovaries and adrenal glands. In these glands, there are several major hormones that you should remember:

- Estrogen is the main hormone that helps regulate the skin, reproductive system and mood. In women, estrogen is produced in the ovaries.

- Progesterone plays a very important role in pregnancy and menstrual cycles by activating mucus in the thickened ovaries.

- Cortisol is known to support the body's response to stress by maintaining healthy levels of stress and immune response that is made in the adrenal glands.

- Melatonin is the best hormone since it "speaks" to the body when it is time to rest and is produced by the small pineal glands in the brain.

- Testosterone helps keep bones and muscles strong, along with increases desire and assertiveness.

All of these factors work together to create a stable endocrine system. However, due to many objective causes such as the environment and subjective factors such as unreasonable living schedule, unhealthy diet... hormone system often loses its imbalance, leading to disorder. Then, our body will emit alarming signals that need to be taken into account.


Signs of hormonal imbalance

Jacqueline Zajdman, a herbalist who owns As Above Herbals, says that hormonal imbalances can affect mood, skin, sleep quality and your energy supply. If you regularly experience fatigue, insomnia, depression, or anxiety, heat in the body, acne (especially in the chin, cheeks, sometimes back), weight gain or abnormal weight loss, and anger, it is a sign that you are suffering hormonal imbalance.

Zajdman also points out that hormonal imbalance is caused by not only internal factors but also by external factors such as environment, work stress, mental health. According to the herbalist, life affects us in every possible way, and of course our hormonal system will be affected. Therefore, we will have to adjust and change ourselves to adapt. If the transformation does not proceed smoothly, the hormones will be disturbed and lose balance.

Natural herbal remedies for hormonal imbalance

Today, the advancement of medicine, especially the discovery of the use of herbs, has helped many diseses, including hormone imbalance be treated more easily. If you are having hormone imbalance symptoms, you may consider starting with natural remedies.


One of the special methods recommended by Jacqueline Zajdman is to use "yoni steam" or "bajos" to steam and heat up. She explains that this traditional method to help women cure gynecological diseases has been used in many cultures for centuries. Zajdman also notes that some herbs work similarly to hormones such as berry tree (which acts as progesterone) or phytoestrogenic herbs (which act as estrogen).

However, you should also know that small changes in the endocrine system before, during, and after the menstrual cycle are normal and that it is not necessarily called a hormonal imbalance. How does the hormones progesterone and estrogen increase or decrease then will depend on the length of the menstrual cycle each woman.

Using herbs and other natural remedies is just one of many ways to help keep hormonal balance. However, you should seek medical advice and consultation with a gynecologist for appropriate treatment. The endocrine system is very important for a woman's reproductive health, so you should not attempt any kind of herbal remedy without consulting your doctor. The most important thing is that you listen to the "call" of the body and in time recognize abnormal signs. The sooner you notice symptoms of hormonal imbalance, the easier and less time-consuming treatment.


By: Anna Bennett

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