Harmful breakfast habits affecting your health

Having breakfast with egg and milk is not healthy at all.

No.1. Having breakfast right after waking up 

Many people have a habit of having breakfast after waking up (about 5 a.m – 6 a.m) and think doing that will promptly supply energy and nutrients to the body after a long sleep. 

However, eating too early not only bad for the body but also harmful to the intestines. 

Eating too early is not good for your health. 

Nutritionists and health care workers in China said that during the nighttime sleep, most of the organs in the body are resting, but the digestive system still has to work to digest all the food of dinner. 

Therefore, having breakfast too early affects the rest of the stomach and intestines, thereby it will compromise their functions as well as the effectiveness of these organs. 

It is advisable for you: Right after waking up, drink water to replenish the amount of water you have consumed in your sleep, after 20-30 minutes eating breakfast is appropriate. It is best to eat breakfast after 7a.m for the best digestion and absorption. 

No.2. Excess nutrients for breakfast 

More and more people are realizing the importance of breakfast, so they often "prioritize" the overemphasis on breakfast with high protein foods, high calories and fatty foods such as cheese, hamburgers, fried chicken wings or fried food with a lot of oil. However, this method only increases the "burden" for the digestive system only. 


Our bodies are often in a state of rest or activity stalling in the early morning, if eating too many nutrient-rich foods will overwhelm. 

It is advisable for you: You need to know the principle of balance for breakfast, choose foods that are easy to digest, low in fat, high in fiber content such as porridge, cow's milk, soy milk, noodles, bread \... and do not eat too much. 

No.3. The main food is milk and eggs 

Milk and eggs are the main food of choice for many people, but the combination of them is not scientific at all. 


Chicken eggs and milk are two foods that are high in protein which provide only partial energy for the functioning of individual organs but can not provide full energy for the whole. The body, so immediately after eating we have had the feeling of hunger, or feeling uncomfortable in stomach. 

Advice for you: The main food of breakfast is indispensable, but it is important to focus on combining foods together. 

When you want to eat both milk and eggs at the same time, you should combine them with rice porridge, bread, dumplings ... as the main food to supplement energy. These cereal foods can provide enough starch for the body as well as benefit from the absorption of nutrients from the milk. 

By: Gitta Russell

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